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A Best European English standard University, Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University, also known as KhADI, is a technical university in Kharkov which opened on 7 July 1930. The university provides education in three academic levels - Bachelor's degree, Specialist's degree and Master's degree, in 16 fields of study - teacher training, economics and entrepreneurship, management, ecology, engineering and mechanics, metrology and measuring technologies, computer systems, automated control systems, building, electromechanics, automation and computer technologies and transport technologies.

. Department of Car Building
. Department of Road Construction
. Department of Mechanics
. Department of Management and Business
. Department of Transport Systems
. Department of Vehicle Mechatronics
. Department of Distance Learning
. Department for Foreign Students
. University Preparation Department
. Department of Profession Development

KhADI Racing Cars
At the end of the 1950s, Vladimir Nikitin, a famous Soviet racing driver and car designer, created a laboratory of racing cars at the university. In 1963, Utyomov, a KhADI student, designed a small car in his thesis, which was later built and called KhADI-3 or the "Pencil". The car entered the Guinness Book of Records on account of its size. Its weight was 180 kg, its width - 67 sm, its height - 51 sm, and its rated speed - 220 km|hour, which was never developed because of a lame wheel design - the wheels were made of glass-reinforced plastic and shattered when the car was tested on the salt lake Baskunchak.

The next KhADI car worthy of mention is KhADI-7, where a gas-turbine helicopter engine was used. The car set 4 USSR records. In the 1990s, KhADI-29 and KhADI- 31 cars were built designed for ring road and highway racing in the Formula-1600 category. In 1996, 2003 and 2005, these cars helped KhADI racing drivers win the Championship of Ukraine. Units
. Centre of Innovative Information Technologies
. Laboratory of Racing Cars
. Laboratory of Cryogenic and Pneumatic Technologies
. Scientific Technical Library
. Department of Standardization and Metrology
. Publishing House

Famous graduates
. Anatoliy Mitrofanovich Gridichin - Department of Road Construction, graduated in 1954. Rector of Belgorod State University, the oldest university of Belgorod.
. Yuri Nikolayevich Dadenkov - Department of Road Construction, graduated in 1933. Founder (in 1944) and first rector of Kiev Automobile and Highway University (KADI).

Corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Minister of higher and specialized secondary education in Ukraine in 1960-1973. The faculty provides Bachelor's, Specialist's and Master's programs.

1. Field: Motor Vehicles and Motor Transport Enterprises
. Computer Diagnostics of Vehicles
. Motor Vehicle Servicing
. Motor Vehicle Repair

2. Field: Wheeled and Caterpillar Motor Vehicles
. Technological Monitoring in Production of Wheeled and Caterpillar Motor Vehicles
. Motor vehicles of foreign production
. Specialized rolling stock for international transportation
. Motor technical research (expertise)

3. Field: Internal Combustion Engines
. Technological Monitoring in Production of Internal Combustion Engines
. Computer systems of internal combustion engines control
. Engines for small-scale mechanization, motor transport and motor sport

4. Field: Vocational training
. Maintenance and Repair of Urban and Motor Transport
. Metrology, Standardization and Certification in Mechanical Engineering

Road-Construction Faculty
The faculty provides Bachelor's, Specialist's and Master's programs.

1. Field: Construction
. Motorways and Airfields
. Bridges and Vehicular Traffic Tunnels.

2. Field: Ecology
. Ecology and Environmental Protection
. Ecology in Construction . Road Transport Ecology
. Environmental Protection Management
. Ecologic Inspection at Border Checkpoints

Major Areas Of Research:
1. Substantiating the efficiency criteria of system designing
2. Up-to-date technologies and materials for constructing and operating motor roads
3. Bridges investigating and testing
4. Physical mechanics of road-construction materials
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